Cat Travel Tips

Traveling with your furry feline friend can be an adventure in itself. There are many things to take care of, and quite a few guidelines that you need to follow to ensure that you and your kitty have an amazing vacation, without any hassles, headaches or pains.

But fret not, as we have charted out a list of some simple, do-able rules for a wonderful, memorable cat and cat family travel trip.

Here goes:

Cat Travel Tip #1. – Is Your Cat Travel Ready?

Not all felines are happy to travel across the globe, and face upheaval in the form of new places, smells, sounds and what not. To make sure Felix enjoys his first travel trip somewhere far away, take him to a small place nearby, and test out the waters – so to speak.

For instance, instead of traveling to another country, take your feline companion to a nearby village/town for a weekend getaway. See how she reacts to her new surroundings. Play with her. Make her feel safe, but let her explore. Safely.

Cat Travel Tip #2 – On Leash or Off Leash – What to Do?

If your kitty isn’t leash-trained yet, then start training him. It will take time, but this is critical in ensuring his safety in unknown, strange places.

Once leash trained, ask yourself this – if you take off the leash in a new place, and your cherished feline furball gets scared of something, will she run away from you, or towards you?

If you’re even 1% doubtful – don’t let her off the leash! Invest in a pet stroller, or a pet carrying backpack instead.

Cat Travel Tip #3 – International Travel with Your Cat

Airlines vary in their rules for pet air travel. Before purchasing a ticket, call them up, and ask about their policy for allowing your cat in the cabin. Most will let you travel with your kitty in your arms for a fee. Do not cargo your cats unless you are left with zero options!

Also, go for a window seat, so your cat in sleep in his pet carrier below your seat, without aisle and food cart sounds stressing him out.

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