The old furniture out, the new pure: finished is the new bathroom? Unfortunately, a bath renovation is not that easy! We asked an expert what can go wrong with the bathroom renovation and how to avoid the three most common mistakes.

If you decide to undertake the bathing restoration adventure, you should be considerate. Otherwise, you run the risk of committing these common mistakes during the bath renovation.

1st mistake: lack of planning

The bath renovation is a big project, takes a lot of time and is associated with some stress and a lot of noise. The temptation to get over the challenge quickly is therefore great.

But since the bathroom only asks about every 20 years for a refurbishment, you have plenty of time to plan the project in detail – and you should also use!

The recovery plan
In a redevelopment plan, you should formulate your wishes for the new bathroom and the goal of the bath renovation and get an overview of the condition of your installations.

What do I want to change in the bathroom? What is needed?
Do I need a new bathtub, or am I also a shower – possibly even barrier-free?
Do I need more storage space?

2nd mistake: losing sight of reality

After investing a lot of time in the planning of your oasis of well-being, you certainly can not wait to put all your ideas into action. But you should slow down your euphoria a little: Beautiful and creative does not automatically mean practical and useful.

The lack of space remains frequent – despite renovation
It would be too good to be true, but unfortunately, your bathroom will not grow larger and the space for furniture and accessories will be gone.

Therefore, be absolutely realistic and do not try to squeeze all your visions into your bathroom. Where there used to be a small corner shower, now does not suddenly fit an XXL shower and even a simple sink can only grow badly to a double sink.

3rd mistake: saving on the wrong corners
Above all, if you decide to completely renew your bathroom, a bath renovation can be quite expensive. With detailed planning, thorough research and careful price comparison, you have already created a good starting point for an economical bath renovation.

What about a severe disability?

If a bathroom needs to be converted for disabled people, there are many things to consider. We have therefore written our own guide. There you will find out what is important when it comes to bathroom renovation. In addition, we present our range for the barrier-free bathroom. Finally, you will learn what funding options exist for the renovation.

How much is a bathroom renovation?

Small or large bathrooms, simple or luxurious fittings, a complete renovation or cosmetic repairs – the cost of a bathroom renovation cannot be predicted so easily. It takes a deeper look into your bathroom and what you want. If only parts are to be renovated, it is cheaper than if it should be a complete renovation. If only bathroom furniture and fittings are to be replaced, a renovation can cost 1,000 euros. If everything is to be made new, it can be 20,000 euros and more.

If your bathroom renovation is well planned, economically thought out and realistically planned, then you are well on the way to a successful renovation.