Style should not stop at your e-cigarette and Vapor Couture’s L’Essentiel +1 Kit offers the perfect solution for any elegant woman looking for a sleek, stylish alternative to other clunky e-cigarettes. This kit offers everything needed to get started and comes with a gorgeous matching accessory- something no other brand can offer. Included in the kit are two batteries and two cartridges which feature a slimmer, sleeker design for those who are fashion conscious.

Best Vapor Couture CouponThe kit is completely customizable with four different designs to choose from. The Brushed Platinum is classic and simple, the Deep Purple is crisp and elegant, the Rose Gold is charming and sleek, and the White Signature features Vapor Couture’s classy pattern so there’s a design to match any occasion and any outfit. Not only is the appearance of your e-cigarette important, the taste is too and Vapor Couture does not fall short on flavor.

You get to pick two, 5-packs of different flavored cartridges. For those seeking a classic tobacco flavor, there are two options: Rodeo Drive which is an American tobacco flavor and Bombshell, a Turkish tobacco. For the menthol fans there is the Fresh Mint which is cool and refreshing. If you simply love mint, try their new Arctic Mint flavor which will not disappoint. They also offer two fun, fruity flavors. The Passion Fruit is simply delicious and smooth while the Strawberry Champagne is a delight for the taste buds. Strawberry Champagne is unique to Vapor Couture and is well worth the try! Choose from four different nicotine strengths of 0.0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, and 1.8% to suit your needs.

The kit comes with an accessory that you choose and customize. The stainless steel charm necklace is a gorgeous accessory that compliments the Vapor Couture e-cigarette perfectly. It can be worn as either a necklace or a bracelet and the charm is used to attach your e-cigarette so it can hang from your neck or wrist. The other accessory option is the portable charging case which comes in different colors to match your e-cigarettes. The charging case can hold one additional battery and two cartridges. It can recharge a battery up to six times before needing to be connected to a power source which is absolutely perfect for nights out on the town. Combined with a great discount that you can get with the best Vapor Couture coupon, the L’Essentiel +1 Kit is simply the best starter kit available for women.